Monday, September 22, 2008

Gah! Clothesline tips over into the swimming pool

...with half my diapers on it!

Imagine the scene... it's a beautiful, hot first day of fall in sunny Arizona. I'm hanging diapers on the line and feel a nice cool breeze float by. It's one of those breezes to appreciate, because it's whispering, "Fall is here, can't you feel it?" The breeze decided to play a trick on me, and took my clothesline right over, right into the swimming pool, dunking all the diapers that I had just hung as I was working my way around the line.

I turned and saw it tip, as if in slow motion, with my outstretched arms too short and too slow to catch the pole. The clothespin bag was inverted and they had started to sink by the time I was able to drag the whole thing up and out.

The dipes are all on the ground in the pic b/c I had to rush around the sides releasing them so they wouldn't pull the whole thing over again. I just opened the pins and let the diapers fall. The casualties are back in the wash right now, the rest that were in the basket are hung (evenly and on the inside lines), drying in the sun like they are all supposed to.

I know what you're all going to say: Space them out. Hang all around. Use the inside lines. Yeah, I know. It was actually pretty funny. So I thought I give you all a chuckle and share.

(Please ignore all the weeds in backyard. It's a jungle back there.)

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Lisa said...

LOL I didn't notice the weeds, I just noticed that you use the same diapers we do ~ toddler cricketts :)