Wednesday, August 27, 2008

C(razy) V(erifiable) S(avings)

I am addicted. To CVS.

Yes, the pharmacy. I've just discovered an insane, obsessed cult of crazed penny-pinchers that shop at CVS for pennies on the dollar. And I've joined them.

Recent conquests:

Spent $3.85
Saved $12.29
Would have been $16.14
76% off

Spent $7.47
Saved $20.79
Would have been $28.26
74% off

Spent $5.12
Saved $ 31.09
Would have been $36.21
86% off

Spent $10.60
Saved $19.00
Would have been $29.60
64% off

Spent $0.94
Saved $23.56
Would have been $24.50
96% OFF!!!!

I've got it all entered into a spreadsheet. That's how nuts this is. I'm getting stuff nearly for free after coupons and Extra Bucks. And not crap either -- name brand toothpaste, lotion, diapers, batteries, pantyliners, ibuprofen, hair care, the list goes on. Stuff we use.

Get started here. Follow along here. These ladies plan out your shopping for you!

Let me know if you get hooked too. We can swap coupons.


Lisa (splath on MDC/plath on DS) said...

I'm totally hooked. LOL I've made 3 trips in two days and am planning next week's trip!

Karen said...

Can you teach me, oh master of coupons...we go to CVS for Rx and have a card (or used to--we just give them our phone number if they ask). Should I ask for a new card? Can you help me...I wanna get free shit too!

Michelle said...

Please use some of your free time to check out the tag I smacked you with: