Saturday, June 21, 2008

Crafty goodness

The spoils of another craft swap among friends:

(Left to right) Front row: felted pincushion and pins accentuated with shrinky-dink decorations; felt needle book; another felt needle book; pincushion in a hand-painted wooden box. Back row: hand-dyed gold playsilk; homemade lavendar and olive oil bath fizzies in a cute box; decoupage vase. Not pictured: my own craft, a crocheted Java Jammie (oops, forgot to take a picture--I will next time I make another).

I love this new tradition in our tribe!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sewing lessons and clothespins capers

Thank goodness for that rare, long baby nap!

Yesterday, while Baby C was taking one of his long naps to recover from an outing (after we had a shopping misadventure at the children's resale shop... more on that later), I decided to sew up a clothespin bag for my outdoor clothesline. Desperate times call for crafty solutions, and I had scored the last package of clothespins at the 99-Cent Store (there was a run on the clothespins while we were there, with three other customers and two employees involved, racing around the store to find them--who got to them first? My smart but rambling grandmother-in-law!)

Anyways, with Grandma watching intently, I got out some fabric, and tried to wing it through a clothespin bag, which I immediately screwed up. She asked, "What are you trying to make?" I told her, then she quietly came over and showed me how.

Man, I love her!