Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fruity crocheted fun

Last week we made a trip to Wildflower Diapers for some cloth diapering supplies. Hubby was completely taken in by the selection of natural toys, including a German baby rattle that he says he had as a child (we bought one for Baby C). He and my two older kids also went crazy for a set of crocheted fruits, veggies and other foods. I claimed to be able to reproduce them, and so I have...

I also made a crazy banana, but it is already lost in the house somewhere. I think I'm going to try to make an eggplant, bunch of grapes and a carrot next. The string bag was also very quick to make but it didn't come out as big as I had visualized.

I think I know what I will make for Christmas presents for our nieces!

Coming soon

A reminiscence of a Super Bowl hot dog diaster from college days.
The most recent event that filled my kitchen with smoke (it was supposed to be key lime pie).
Something about how my kids are still talking about the burned pizza (and telling EVERYONE. Repeatedly.)

I'm back (sort of)

The recent hiatus was due to the extreme brain laziness of the end of pregnancy, and then the extreme lack of any meaningful work besides caring for a baby... but now he's almost two months old and I have started cooking and crafting again. Which means foibles are sure to follow!