Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I put on a good show, but the truth is that I suck at what I do.

This may not always be true, but I seem to always be attempting projects requiring more skill than I possess, and I have never taken classes to be able to refine any of the skills I wish to have. I mostly learn from flailing about, making mistakes, living life.

I don't get how some people are just born with talents. Like beautiful singing voices, or ears that tell fingers where to find musical notes on a piano. Some people can bake a gorgeous loaf of bread every time, or whip up knitted socks before I have even finished asking them where they bought that fabulous yarn.

I am envious.

So I plod along, doing what I know how: following recipes, puzzling out a crochet pattern, ripping stitches out of my sewing over and over, trying to get things right.

Sound familiar?

Then my blog is for you, too. Welcome!

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